Wednesday, September 26, 2018

ACO 5.0 - Coding Altino Cars

Coding is slowly becoming a part of every day life and might become a very important thing on your resumé soon with amazon and its drone army delivering your every day package and to the small smart car brought to you by who ever makes them as I can't remember who. The world is becoming more and more filled with technology and jobs will need you to know things like coding, which makes coding something I at least want to know something about even if its just a little bit. To begin of our logic statement we should start with go at a 700 speed and go right for 2 seconds which made the car hit the obstruction which is the box almost immediately which gave us the idea which you will see later that this was not easy and would lead to about two to three classes of absolute pain as one of my friends would have put it. The most important thing in the code that we would use that I found was the delay as timing was needed for each turn to be just right as if it was off by a second it would end up hitting the box, Go and Steering were important as well though steering was needed more as we kept the same speed through out the code. We experimented many time and at least got it around the first part of the figure eight but ran out of time for the challenge.

The new commands given where in a polite way a very big pain in the, but me and my team couldn't for the life of us find out how to play them and that also go's double for me as I wasn't here for almost half of this assignment. There are many things that could have gone better like how we handled the car and our safety procedures could have had more work, now onto the code which I cant say was perfect or ran the same every time we used it due to human error or the environment but we at least got it to somewhat reach the marker and nearly got it to turn around and come back. I would love to trust an autonomous car to drive me around which would be so cool, but that all depends on how successful it really is to where I'm not crashing. Autonomous driving cars are becoming so very close to our future and are amazing time savers due to instead of driving to work you could just let the car drive and you could do work on the way there. It wold be very cool to let a the car drive so you could do something else but that's only a luxury until our evil AI over lords take over.

Embedded Google Drive video of your most impressive challenge at the top
Screenshot of successful code from Challenge #2 after first paragraph
3 Behind the Scenes photos of your team after second paragraph

ACO 5.0 - Create a deliverable using problem-solving techniques to address client needs or target audience.
ACO 5.1 - Apply problem-solving techniques to create deliverables that address the needs of a client or target audience.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

ACO 3.0 - Art and Design

The first element and what I believe to be the only element is line as this is shown in the lines of the traced image and due to my poor timing I could not add much after. Tracing the image and adding detail with the different ways as I pushed down on the pad. I found that with the ability to zoom in on the image I could go into greater detail with the size of the objects and the texture of the image really Isn't much due to it being a mug and a couple of pens and some white thing, but the dents scratches could be made into texture. But sadly I didn't see any, so the smooth texture of the mug was all I could offer. There was little to be said of my feelings about how I felt during all of this but to summarize it, I felt like it was enjoyable and I loved the amount of detail you could go into and gives me great ideas for my future use.

The landscape image was taken right here at school down by football field and was very very last minute. This due to reasons I really don't want to talk about but can only hint at which it involves another field down there next to the football field and it takes the largest bite out of my schedule which is a mess. Sorry for the rant but it been very stress full but back to the topic at hand the differences between the landscape and the still image, well the first thing is the amount of texture which is very obvious and can be shown clearly second would be the amount color which is the same in both images but detail id the main thing for me and the land scape has way more than the still image, but that might be my fault. The technique I used was sadly one of the more basic ones due to losing track of where I was on the video which was embarrassing for me which made my picture not, the highest quality that it could be, so I have a slight annoyance of it. This image to me seamed to be lacking and really dull on my opinion

The picture i've decided to use was a fairly old one and I can't remember when it was taken but I do know where, in the castle of mine I call my house and the person in it would be my mom nothing else to say on that hand but this picture does mean a-lot to me in a way that its one of the few I have of my family that I know of on my phone, yes it's very sad and I'm a sad person but I at least had a picture that wasn't me and don't want to go into that hole. My image really doesn't use much of the elements but I can say it does use some like line and some value with my poor excuse of an attempt of shading on her face, shape or maybe form was used in the back ground which is shown with the varying different things in the back ground  and a little color, with that fade that shows the original color I believe thats the right terminology. Texture might be shown in her hair as I did a decent job at capturing it's texture, and the color might be off with her hair normally being a little gray but don't tell her I said that. Why just why I was surprised at how people graded me I thought that I would be all novice but some actually gave me professional.  My still could have had more done with it and I didn't give enough time to the image to really show what I could have done also in my defense that not the image I wanted. The landscape was decent but to me still looked more liked a photo but I see why it is a little professional, and last but defiantly last the Mix which is where why's  came from, as I thought that was the worst of the bunch due to the bad shading and the detail was just awful, but it got a professional which I can't see at all.

ACO 3.1 Analyze how elements and principles of design in various forms of media are applied to communicate to a specific audience. Elements of Art: Space, Line, Color, Shape, Texture, Form, Value.
ACO 3.2 Critique how the effective integration of elements and principles of design within a variety of medium impact target audiences. Gestalt Theory: Similarity, Continuation, Closure, Proximity, Figure and ground
ACO 3.3 Apply elements and principles of design to clarify, focus, or enhance a message or concept for a target audience. Principles of Design: Scale, Proportion, Unity, Balance, Harmony, Contrast, Repetition, Variety, Emphasis)

Thursday, September 13, 2018

ACO 5.0 - Audio Production

The intonation and inflection are used to interest the audience by the way you speak it could make the way you present the information seam more exciting or maybe depressing depending on the way your voice sounds. An example of this would be a game show host where he or she sounds so excited all the time or in a documentary on something like an event like 9/11 which would have a sad tone or an informative serious tone. I was the team leader the one that had to do some of the recording and was the one who had to communicate with those we needed to.  The rehearsal is very important mostly due to having time to know your lines and knowing who to use change the tone of your voice for each word you might say. Another thing is also to not mess up a part of the recording as we only had one take to make the whole recording.  

The final reflection on the recording that I'm giving it, is that it's good with a side of cringe. A master piece of amazing voice acting with an absolute cringe worthy script that might have needed a few changes here and there and the sound effects where good to a certain amount. From what I've seen the audience was definitely engaged but mostly at the comedy we added which could have been a little better but at least got some of the wonderful audience to laugh which was nice. The challenges where a little sad but most of them were just trying not the laugh while doing the voices as if you've not heard the recording it was the Donald Trump voice as that was the best voice and in my opinion was the funniest voice. Doing this project again would actually be very fun and to me gives room for more possibility and more improvement on what was originally done. The script the voices and every thing has room for improvement which can, will, or might be done which can and shall happen though this depends if we don't die of cringe first. 

ACO 5.1 Apply problem-solving techniques to create deliverables that address the needs of a client or target audience.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

ACO 6.0 - Proprietary Information

The First thing to talk about is the FCC or the Federal Communications Commission which regulates the interstate communication by many different ways examples being television, satellite, and radio. Copyright infringement is the use of another persons song without there permission which may lead to a fine of around 200 to 150,000 dollar's which will suck but this is also for each work that you infringed on, so if you say if you coped 3 different things then it would be around 600 to 450,000 which would leave a very big hole in my wallet or maybe broke. The ways one can get copy wright permission is long and a little boring to explain so to put in to a few simple words would be that you need to find the owner and find out what you need to do to get it to work. One example of legally using copyright material fairly is well my favorite one of them is that a parody as they are amazing or can be amazing done by the right people.

Confidentiality is an agreement that keeps information private and cannot be shared openly at any time and may not be given away os sold. Examples of confidentiality are things such as your social security number and card information, another thing that you might want to keep secret are passwords for every thing and make sure you don't forget them or wright them down. Social media's affect on confidentiality is that they collect information on birthdate, location, even thing that you search up is recorded. Censorship is something that sometimes is not needed and not right but must be done at some times it is not bad or good but must come into play when necessary if need be such as if there was something unfit for that of every one to see adults and children. Censorship is one that does compete with that of the first amendment as it does stop some freedom of what should be shown but also there are times when something is to much. The 5th amendment of people's right to privacy is something that is important but also there is something of an agreement that people do accept that does allow that company or industry to view that information but it's not right when the company does more then said on the agreement.


ACO 6.1: Analyze the use of copyright and proprietary information in arts and communication to facilitate responsible, legal and ethical behavior.

ACO 6.2: Examine ethical issues in arts and communications to make appropriate decisions related to clients, co-workers and society.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

ACO 2.0 - Market Shifts

A market is a system in which is used to keep up with that of what is called the latest trend or what is popular at the time. A market will usually track the latest interests in society unlike me, so they can adapt to what the public wants. One example of the ever shifting market would be that of the phone as it went from that of the payphone to the house phone and all the way up to our smart phone. VR is another example as with VR chat growing gives a new way for people to communicate with other people in the virtual world and all the new possibility's it opens up for the future. One last thing is the wonders of robotics what can be possible such as a robot butler tending to your every need or a flying car. Yes they may be acts of fiction but could one day be real and that of the market will one day change to meet them. The market will need those who are able to advertise them in any way from art on a billboard or digitally on youtube and any of social media site.

Skills that I wish to improve on that are related to Arts & Communication industry would be that of my drawing skill as I've run into that of a slump where I find it being difficult to draw things in detail then I used to and to learn more on how to draw in a wider area and to just improve. Filmmaking and coding are skills I wish to learn as I see they may become useful in the very near future. Animation is a skill I've really wanted to learn to bring my imagination alive, which sound so much like a Disney thing to say but it would be an amazing thing once I get used to it. Other skills would be a marketing skill that would help me better understand what would attract people with my art and how it should be displayed to get more attention. Mostly the main thing I'm going to focus on is to get out of the slump I seam to be in and to get back my inspiration for detail.

ACO 2.1 Analyze how shifts in market affect changes to media and design.
ACO 2.2 Evaluate how changing communication needs of a market are addressed by media and design.
ACO 2.3 Propose media and design solutions that address the changing needs in global markets.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

ACO 4.0 - Communication Strategies

The way that I communicate with other people has a very noticeable change such as if I where talking to a stranger and a friend. I would be shy quiet and would speak very softly with strangers and also with people that I don't know as well even classmates. My friends and parents are those that I can be more open with such as I'm very loud and talkative which is very different from what I'm like in public. My friends and parents are the people that I can feel the most comfortable and thats because I know them better and can try to relate to them but thats only one idea I cant say honestly what can make me more open. Another thing is that on a video game is another way for me to open up more, even with strangers I can be very talkative and that would just be due to I cant see there face. Ways that I can improve my communication would be to put myself in situations where I'm forced to talk with people even if it just silent whispers its something. If you ever say hi to me if I don't answer don't take it as something bad theres a really good chance I did but you just couldn't here me.

After high school I was thinking of becoming a graphic designer for who ever would hire me or maybe find work for a video game company like bungie. I'm still not to sure of what I really want to be after high school. One field I did want was graphic design to help improve my art skill and to expand further into maybe digital art and to go even further beyond. This would help me have a wide area which would be good and the digital part would be how most jobs will eventually need it. Graphic design is something I felt is something that would be most suited for me as I'm fairly good at drawing. I'm still discovering what I can truly do with my talent which I know is bad but I'm learning and soon I will know.

ACO 4.1: Devise communication strategies to promote individual accountability and team success.
ACO 4.2: Use effective oral, written, and non-verbal communication skills to facilitate positive interactions.
ACO 4.3: Apply appropriate interpersonal skills to establish positive and sustained relationships with clients.